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Sports Medicine Fellowship

UCSF Orthopaedic Institute
1500 Owens Street
San Francisco, CA 94158
(415) 885-3832 FAX: (415) 885-3838

Duration: 1 year clinical August 1 to July 31

Fellowship Positions: 2

Stipend: $65,005.00 plus benefits

Deadline: November 1, 2016 through San Francisco Match (

The interview date for the 2018-2019 fellowship program will be on Saturday, February 4, 2017.

Core Surgical Faculty:

Brian Feeley, MD. (Fellowship Director)
Residency: UCLA.
Fellowship: HSS.
Clinical Expertise: Shoulder arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroplasty.
Research Expertise: Basic science of rotator cuff muscle; knee biomechanics; clinical outcomes.
Team Coverage: St. Ignatius High School, Balboa High School.

C. Benjamin Ma, MD. (Chief of Sports Medicine)
Residency: Pitt.
Fellowship: HSS.
Clinical Expertise: Shoulder and knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroplasty
Research Expertise: Advanced imaging of the knee; clinical outcomes of shoulder arthroplasty; biomechanics.
Team Coverage: Cal Mens’ Basketball, Lincoln High School

Christina Allen, MD.
Residency: University of Pittsburgh.
Fellowship: Pitt.
Clinical Expertise: ACL surgery, meniscus transplantation, revision knee surgery, cartilage restoration.
Research Expertise: Clinical outcomes of revision ACL
Team Coverage: Cal Womens’ Soccer, Cal Mens’ Soccer, Cal Womens’ Basketball, USA Soccer, US Taekwondo, Lowell High School

Alan Zhang, MD. (Associate Fellowship Director)
Residency: UCLA
Fellowship: UCSF
Clinical Expertise: Hip arthroscopy, knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder arthroplasty.
Research Expertise: Advanced imaging of the hip. Epidemiologic database analysis. Clinical/patient-reported outcomes analysis.
Team Coverage: Archbishop Riordan High School

Other Faculty

Nick Colyvas, MD. Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy
Nirav Pandya, MD. Pediatric Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy
Anthony Luke, MD. Primary Care Sports Medicine
Carlin Senter, MD. Primary Care Sports Medicine

UCSF Hospitals, UCSF Academic Campus and UCSF Orthopaedic Institute.

The goal of the UCSF Sports Medicine Fellowship is to train orthopaedic residency graduates to become outstanding sports medicine surgeons, clinicians, and scientists. The training program benefits from a core group of faculty that is focused on improving your clinical and operative skills while providing both a high volume and high level of complexity of shoulder, knee and hip cases. Our fellows get extensive experience in both routine sports medicine cases as well as more complex surgeries such as revision ACL reconstructions, meniscus transplant, osteochondral allograft transplantation, revision cuff repairs, complex and revision shoulder arthroplasty and hip arthroscopy. We are also one of the few programs that integrates a pediatric sports medicine experience in the core rotations.

The research experience during your fellowship is designed to improve your research background as well as train you to better understand orthopaedic research. There are many research opportunities to become involved in including basic science, biomechanics, advanced imaging, clinical outcomes, and social sciences. As faculty, we are devoted to assisting you with your research goals and projects during the year. There are monthly research meetings to follow progress of projects and provide guidance.

Team coverage during the UCSF Sports Medicine Fellowship includes coverage of high school football in San Francisco and Marin, as well as coverage of events at UC Berkeley, and San Francisco Rugby. We have designed the team coverage to be beneficial to your learning but not onerous to your fellowship experience.

Perhaps the best element of the fellowship is the close relationship that exists between the faculty and trainees. Education of the fellow and residents is the primary focus of our training program and we seek to provide this through a positive collegial relationship. We hope to promote an environment where our fellows can continue to seek advice as their practices grow and mature.

The Sports Medicine Fellowship is based at the Orthopaedic Institute in the Mission Bay Campus. This is located on the east (sunny) side of San Francisco, close to AT&T Park. The Orthopaedic Institute is a brand new, state of the art facility with clinic, 6 operating rooms, on site radiology including 3T MRI, physical therapy, orthotics, and the Human Performance Center.

If you have questions regarding the fellowship, I encourage you to contact me or our fellowship coordinator.
Best regards,

Brian Feeley, MD
Fellowship Director
Associate Professor, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery

Current Fellow:

Marc Ialenti, MD.
Residency: New York University School of Medicine

“Throughout my fellowship interviews, I came across many programs characterized by various strengths and weakness. It was not until I interviewed at UCSF that I found an extremely well rounded Fellowship that was ideal for my continued training. The high surgical volume, as well as variety of cases (especially shoulder arthroplasty and open shoulder procedures) first piqued my interest in UCSF. Developing and enhancing my surgical skills under the mentorship of leaders in the field of sports medicine who are dedicated to Fellow and Resident education was a major draw for me.

UCSF is unique in providing a pediatric sports medicine rotation, as well as spending time in both the academic and private sector. The program provides sideline coverage of local sports, but does not overburden the fellows with excessive game coverage or travel. This allows ample time to participate in research and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities and regions in the country. Finally, and possibly most importantly, the current and former fellows loved their fellowship experience and being part of the UCSF family. In the end, UCSF was the program that provided the most well rounded fellowship under the guidance of some of the best mentors in the country.”

Michael Leathers, MD.
Residency: UCLA

“I used very specific criteria in my sports medicine fellowship search. I was interested in academic centers because they are the referral centers for complex cases and revisions, but still offer the bread and butter sports medicine experience. I also wanted a fellowship that offered a variety of cases, which include hip scopes and shoulder arthroplasty, to provide me with broad set of skills. A program with strong leaders and mentors was also a must. A fellowship that includes residents is also a positive as I feel teaching in the clinic and operative room provides a learning experience that is mutually beneficial. The UCSF Sports Medicine fellowship made the decision very easy as it excels in all of the qualities listed above. UCSF is a well known academic center and has numerous research opportunities, providing the skill set to go into academic positions in the future. Its location in a large dynamic city also offers an endless number of activities outside the hospital, which is an added bonus. Another unique feature is a pediatric sports medicine rotation which again increases the case variety and speaks to the breadth of the program. Lastly, when speaking with former fellows and current UCSF residents, all spoke positively of the sports medicine department.”

Previous Fellows:


David Ding, MD.
Residency: New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases

“When I was searching for a sports fellowship, I encountered plenty of exceptional programs but all had trade offs between location and program quality. With UCSF, there is no compromise–it has the best of both. Sure, the weather is a bit cold in the summer and there are a few hills to walk up in San Francisco but its location can’t be matched for outdoor lovers. Beaches, mountains, wine country, etc are just a short day trip away. As for the program, the new facilities immediately gave a good impression but most importantly, the combination of academics, research power, comprehensive hands-on operative exposure, and great mentorship is unmatched –it made selecting UCSF for Sports Fellowship a very simple choice.


Joey LaMartina, MD. 2015-16
Residency: Boston University Medical Center

Having completed a sports medicine fellowship at UCSF, I leave with no regrets about making UCSF my top choice for fellowship. The facilities were phenomenal, making for a pleasant place to work. The case volume and variety were well beyond sufficient in providing me with all the confidence I need to take on both open and arthroscopic cases about the knee and shoulder, and the hip arthroscopy experience added an extra element of training that I will certainly put to use in clinical practice. I also chose UCSF for the unique open shoulder experience it offered, and it undoubtedly delivered a great mix of primary, revision and reverse shoulder cases.

That said, the most valuable feature of the UCSF orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship is the faculty. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and clinically skilled, but they are a great group of role models who treat you as both a colleague and a member of the UCSF family. As a group, they work incredibly well as a team and continue to improve all facets of the department. With the recent addition of a second accredited fellowship spot and the incorporation of pediatric sports medicine training, this program continues to strengthen and place itself on the level of the best programs in the country.

Richard Han, MD. 2014-2015
Residency: New York University Hospital for Joint Diseases
Current Position:
Richard Han Sports Fellow

“UCSF provided me with an experience that I could not have found anywhere else, all in one of the most culturally and socially diverse cities in the world. I had originally chosen the program for the breadth of cases and open shoulder experience and a chance to work with truly talented surgeons. By the end of the year, I knew I had chosen correctly. In addition to this great education, I made lifelong friendships with my mentors that have continued beyond fellowship. As I have started my career as an attending surgeon, I still turn to my UCSF mentors for guidance and advice, in both medicine and life. Even as a young surgeon, I am faced with difficult cases that others in the community are unable to take on, but my training has given me the skills and knowledge to tackle these cases with confidence. I was prepared well beyond what I could have expected. To top it all off, I also was able to witness a World Series win my year in San Francisco!.”

Alan Zhang, MD. 2013-2014:
Residency: UCLA
Current Position: Faculty, University of California, San Francisco

“UCSF was my number 1 choice for fellowship because it is one of the few programs that offers expansive training in both sports medicine as well as advanced open and arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The renowned faculty is also extremely friendly and approachable and the facilities are top-notch.

In addition, UCSF has a wealth of resources and affords me the opportunity to have a very academically productive year that will help further my career whether I decide on academics or community practice.”


Eddie Shin, MD. 2012-2013
Residency: UC Davis
Current Position: Private Practice, San Francisco. Sportmed Orthopaedic Group

“I just completed the fellowship and reviewed my case log. You would be hard pressed to find a case log as diverse and comprehensive in shoulder and knee surgery. You will be challenged as the only fellow, but equally rewarded with the autonomy and case selection to prepare you for practice after. I loved working with the staff and attendings at UCSF and the relationships I built there will last throughout my career.”


James Chen, MD. 2011-2012
Residency: University of Hawaii
Current Position: Private Practice, San Francisco. Sportmed Orthopaedic Group

I thought the UCSF Sports Medicine and Shoulder Fellowship was a well-rounded fellowship in knee and shoulder surgery with excellent surgeons and clinicians. The shoulder experience with total and reverse shoulder arthroplasty is unique in a sports fellowship. As the sole fellow there is a lot of responsibility and this allows you to pick and choose what you want to spend your year working on. There is a collegial relationship between the fellow and staff and as an alumnus I am in regular contact with my mentors there.


Ryan DellaMaggioria, MD. 2010-2011
Residency: USC
Current Position: Staff Surgeon, Hand and Upper Extremity. Cedars’-Sinai, Los Angeles

I had a fantastic time as the sports fellow at UCSF. It prepared me extremely well for my current position as an upper extremity surgeon at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. I thought the case mix and volume were appropriate and I enjoyed the team coverage with the staff and athletic trainers. I am currently working with residents in our new program, and the didactics at UCSF helped frame our teaching program here.


Sunny Cheung, MD. 2009-2010
Residency: UC Irvine
Current Position: Chief of Orthopaedics, St. Marys’ Hospital, Private Practice, Apple Valley, CA.

The UCSF sports and shoulder fellowship was an excellent experience which prepared me well for shoulder reconstruction as well as sports surgeries in private practice. It was a good mix of clinic which helped me learn preop and post op management of patients, as well as diagnosis of various sports injuries with MRI correlation. The surgical experience was good with wide diversity of cases but also increasing hands on learning as the fellow’s skills progressed. I was very happy with my experience there and probably learned more from one year in fellowship there than any other year in residency. Even years after the fellowship, I still keep in close touch with the faculty and feel comfortable emailing them about questions and I always get a prompt reply.

I am now the chief of orthopedics at a hospital multispecialty group.

Application Requirements

UCSF Sports Medicine currently participates in the San Francisco Match. As such, all application requirements are listed on that site:

The deadline for receipt of all application materials at the SF Match is November 1, 2016

The interview date for the 2018-2019 fellowship program will be on Saturday, February 4, 2017.

Goals and characteristics

The UCSF Fellowship in Sports Medicine is designed to provide the fellow with significant exposure to all aspects of knee, shoulder and hip surgery. The high patient volume of our staff surgeons provides ample clinical exposure to the operative and non-operative treatment of both arthroscopic sports medicine procedures and reconstructive procedures. The patient referral base encompasses two university-based hospitals. Both inpatient and outpatient operative settings are utilized.

The fellow will participate as an extension of the faculty. Fellows will be responsible for patient care, resident education, and participation in weekly basic science and clinical conferences. Participation in attending staff clinics will provide exposure to patient clinical care and office management of sports related injuries.

University facilities for research include PhD-staffed, fully equipped laboratories in areas of biomechanics and cell biology under the supervision of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Opportunities for both in-house and external grant funding exist for collaboration in valid clinical or basic science research projects. Publication of at least one paper in a peer-reviewed journal is expected.

Successful completion of an orthopaedic surgery program is required, as is a California state medical license.
Additional information on the fellowship may be obtained from our Fellowship Coordinator.

Additional information on the fellowship may be obtained from our Fellowship Coordinator

Fellowship Coordinator
Johnson Huang
Phone: 415-476-6548