Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Qualifications / Responsibilities

  • Register with NCOPE as a resident within 30 days of the start of the residency program, which includes registration form, submission of official college transcripts, a copy of certificate from CAAHEP accredited program and registration fee. Residents are encouraged to start preparing for registration with NCOPE prior to the start of their program.
  • Clinical hours must be complete prior to the start of a resident’s program. If your education program has you document back the clinical hours (250) prior to the award of your certificate, your residency will not start until after those hours are complete.
  • The resident must complete one residency prior to beginning an additional residency.
  • Submit 3 quarterly evaluation forms to NCOPE within 2 weeks but no later than 30 days of the completion of that particular quarter.
  • Submit title of research project and 200-word abstract within the first six months of your residency (typically, this is due at the same time as your 2nd quarter evaluation).
  • Submit the final (12 month) evaluation form, technical knowledge and skills assessment form, resident’s evaluation of the residency program and final research project within 30 days of the conclusion of the residency program.
  • For any registration form or quarterly evaluation forms received after the 30 day period, a delay in the residency completion date will occur, along with an administrative fee.
  • Please note it is the responsibility of the resident, not the resident director, to assure that NCOPE has received registration forms and evaluation forms.
  • All information must be submitted to NCOPE before you will be eligible to take the ABC board exams.
  • Review the Standards of Excellence for the Orthotic/Prosthetic Residency Program (PDF).