Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Laboratory for Orthopaedic Translational Research

The Laboratory for Orthopaedic Translational Research is directed by Dr. Hubert Kim and Dr. Alfred Kuo at the SFVAMC. The focus of our laboratory’s research efforts is to examine the molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for secondary injury cascades that are set in motion after mechanical trauma. We are particularly interested in tissues that have an extremely limited capacity for healing and regeneration, where preservation of existing cells and tissue may be of great clinical significance.

Specifically, we are investigating the mechanisms involved in programmed cell death following acute trauma involving articular cartilage and the spinal cord. We hypothesize that interventions designed to limited programmed cell death in these tissues may form the basis of future therapeutic strategies. Our intention is to eventually apply lessons learned in the laboratory to the design of better treatments for our patients.We are also interested in the biology of adult mesenchymal stem cells and are developing ways to use these cells to repair and regenerate damaged bone and cartilage.

Contact Information:

Orthopaedic Surgery Research Laboratory
Mail Stop 112
4150 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94122

(415) 221-4810 x 2742


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