Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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From Local to International

The Playsafe Program is a community outreach program of the UCSF Sports Medicine group. They provide sports medicine care to the SFUSD high schools. These services are in great demand as care of this type is no longer found otherwise.

Our international efforts are multifaceted. The faculty of Orthopaedic Surgery are committed to advancing orthopaedic care worldwide. Outreach efforts, which include international volunteer missions, provide essential help to underserved countries and helps fill the staggering health care disparity between developing and developed nations by spreading new ideas and technology. Economic globalization has deepened the interdependence of the world’s public health on American medicine. Sixty to eighty percent of the world’s population lacks basic health care, yet eighty percent of the world’s orthopaedists live in the developed world. Trauma, in particular, represents a major worldwide epidemic that underdeveloped countries are ill prepared to address.