Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Arthritis & Joint Replacement

Rehabilitation Goals

Hip Rehabilitation Goals

Rehab Goals for Patients with Total HIP Replacement

*** These goals reflect the typical progression for a patient after a total hip replacement. Your personal goals may vary.***

Day after surgery
Day 2
Day 3
Learn therapeutic exercises.
Perform exercises w/ supervision.
Independent w/ exercises.
CPM machine
Use CPM or ice machine as ordered.
Learn set-up/controls. Continue use as ordered
CPM or ice machine ordered for home use. Continue use.
Sit at edge of bed
With assist.
With walker; with assist.
With walker or crutches supervised.
Independently with walker or crutches.
Transfer to/from chair
With assist.
With supervision.
Transfer to/from commode/toilet
With assist.
With assist, supervision or independently.
May begin walking w/ assist.
In hallway with walker or crutches and assist or supervision.

Stairs with crutches or handrails with assist, supervision or independently.
Assistive device for walking

Assess for type of device needed.
Receive device for home use.
Lower Body Dressing

Introduction to and practice use of dressing equipment if needed.
Continued practice with dressing equipment if needed.
Grooming & Hygiene

Standing or sitting at sink w/ assist, supervision or independently.
Independent grooming and hygiene.