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Performance Evaluations

Our performance evaluations use advanced exercise physiological analysis to provide our clients with personal biographies of their current physiological fitness and performance characteristics. Clients receive a detailed report, including raw data, graphical representations, and written assessments with tailored recommendations and scientific training plans designed to enhance performance.

Performance Evaluations – $300
By appointment only – Monday & Friday mornings 8am-12pm
Contact: Mark Matusak
Phone:  (415) 514-6077
Please click here for a Registration Form (Please submit via email or fax).

Our performance evaluations use advanced exercise physiological analysis to provide you with a personal biography of your current physiological fitness and performance characteristics. Each Performance Evaluation lasts approximately 2 hours and includes the following components:

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Lactate Threshold Testing
  • VO2 Max Testing, and
  • Performance Consultation

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Body Composition Analysis

The identification of the body’s fat mass and fat-free, or lean mass, components can provide insight to overall health and wellness. Additionally, body composition plays an important role in performance optimization, fuel utilization, and maximal oxygen consumption. At the UCSF Human Performance Center, we begin your Performance Evaluation with a body composition analysis using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and/or skinfold analysis.

Lactate Threshold Testing

Next you will perform a functional lactate threshold test using the exercise modality that mimics your sport (treadmill or bicycle ergometer). You will complete stages at increasingly harder intensities while our exercise physiologists record values of heart rate, ratings of perceived exertion, and blood lactate samples from a finger prick droplet of blood during each stage. The determination of the Lactate Threshold can provide valuable information that provides the foundation from which scientific training plans, including intensity zones, can be built. Lactate Threshold test protocols can be repeated to track the progress of and fine tune your training plan.

Obtaining a blood lactate sample

Lactate Threshold Test sample results

VO2 Max Testing

We also perform a VO2 Max test as a component of our Performance Evaluation. VO2 Max is the most widely recognized measure of cardiopulmonary fitness. It is defined as the highest rate of oxygen transport and use that can be achieved at maximal physical exertion.

Our testing protocol requires you to rapidly increase your exercise intensity over a short period of time (around 10 minutes) while you run on the treadmill (or cycle on the ergometer) with all gas exchanges being captured by the metabolic cart as you breath through a mouthpiece valve and hose. This test also enables us to determine your true maximum heart rate value.

VO2Max Running & Cycling Tests

Performance Consultation

Our expert exercise physiologists will present you with your results and data from your Performance Evaluation, explaining the science behind your current level of fitness and providing you with recommendations for performance enhancement and goal-accomplishment.  Heart rate specific training zones will be developed based on your performance testing results.  These training zones can be incorporated into your current training program, allowing you to reach your performance specific goals.