Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Clinical Research

Spinal Disorders Clinical Outcomes

At the UCSF Spine Center, we pride ourselves in providing the finest treatment available for spinal conditions. Our surgeons provide the best surgical techniques and the highest quality of clinical care. For additional information about our clinical outcomes program, please visit our Clinical Outcomes page.

In order to continually provide this high level of care, our surgeons actively engage in research so that they can further their knowledge of the msot effective surgical techniques, factors that influence the course of spinal disorders and their treatment, and the impact that various treatments for spinal conditions have on the lives of their patients. One key factor that our doctors focus on is the end result, or outcomes, of specific treatments. These outcomes typically take into account the perspective of the patient and focus on practical things that are important to our patients, such as increased function and decreased pain.

One thorough and extensive way of researching these key factors is to institute an outcomes research program. At UCSF we have an extensive outcomes research program that focuses on connecting the caer our patients receive with the outcome of their treatment. By doing this research, we are developing better ways to measue and ultimately improve the quality of care.

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