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Sports Medicine

Synvisc-One Study


Got Arthritis?

Are you an active individual with knee pain from osteoarthritis?

Are you interested in participating in a research study that will help determine if Synvisc-One® improves your knee pain?

If so, you may be a candidate for a new study at UCSF Sports Medicine that measures levels of activity and knee pain before and after Synvisc-One® treatment. Synvisc-One® is a hyaluronan based treatment for mild knee osteoarthritis.

You may qualify for this study if you:

  • Are 30-50 years old with an active lifestyle
  • Have been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis
  • Wish to undergo non-operative treatment for knee osteoarthritis


If you choose to participate in this research study, you will have a Synvisc-One® injection in your affected knee and free care for your affected knee with the study doctor for 3 years.  You will need to have one baseline X-Ray prior to your Synvisc-One® treatment. Study procedures include a physical exam, 12 minute walk test, 3-day accelerometer test, and a study questionnaire.

All study procedures will be done at the UCSF Orthopaedic Institute and all costs of care for the affected knee will be covered by the study. 150 subjects will be selected for the study.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the Study Coordinator at (415) 514-6120 or email at