Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Sports Medicine

Imaging Research

In collaboration with the musculoskeletal radiology imaging group at UCSF, the sports medicine faculty has developed innovative techniques to follow cartilage injuries following ACL reconstruction. Under the direction of C. Benjamin Ma, MD, current research focuses on using high resolution MRI to evaluate knee kinematics following ACL reconstruction and cartilage injury. Other research studies include evaluating patients with anterior knee pain with high resolution MRI to determine if there is early cartilage damage associated with the anterior knee pain.  Dr. Ma is currently a lead investigator on a NIH-P50 grant evaluating the outcomes of ACL injury and repair with high resolution MRI.

Dr. Christina Allen and Dr. Richard Souza received the OREF/Goldberg Research Grant in Arthritis in 2012/2013 to study high resolution quantitative imaging of patients following meniscus tears.  The goal of the study is to determine the effects of meniscal injury, menisectomy, and meniscus repair on the development of early knee osteoarthritis.  Dr. Allen, in conjunction with Dr. Drew Lansdown, received an OREF grant to evaluate two different ACL reconstruction technique with high resolution kinematic MRI.

High resolution MRI of the knee showing normal cartilage (a) and increased cartilage wear or early arthritis (b). Red indicates a higher level of injury.

Dr. Brian Feeley and Dr. Daniel Thuillier have performed high resolution MRI imaging on patients with early patellofemoral pain and found that the cartilage in the overloaded area has higher cartilage injury scores, suggesting that patella tilt and patellofemoral pain may lead to early osteoarthritis.  Dr. Anthony Luke has performed MRI imaging elite marathon runners to evaluate how running affects cartilage health.