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Musculoskeletal Education Course for Primary Care Providers 2014

April Lectures

Orthotic and Prosthetic Education

6:00-6:05   Introductions
Meir Marmor, MD

6:05-6:15   Department Overview  (Who and where we are)
Matthew Garibaldi, CPO

6:15-6:25   Prosthetics 101 (K Levels, Parts of a Prosthesis)
Jon Smith, CPO

6:25-6:45   Prescribe-able Devices (Partial-foot insert, Partial foot Prosthesis, Syme, BK, KD, AK, HD, Upper Ex)
Hanna Baker, CPO

6:45-7:00   Prescribe-able Supplies (Gel liners, Socket replacements, Socks)
Jon Smith, CPO

7:00-7:10   Break 7:10-7:20   Common Complications (Skin conditions, Terminal overgrowth)
Hanna Baker, CPO

7:20-7:30   Functional Limb Service (FLS) -(how a patient travels through system)
Matthew Garibaldi, CPO

7:30-7:40   Evaluate patient’s prosthetic candidacy, multi-disciplinary approach
Lisa Pascual

7:40-7:50   Billing and ordering for prosthetics
Marianna Silvestri

7:50-8:00   Questions


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