Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Orthotics & Prosthetics


Short leg braces that can be used to treat a very large assortment of orthopedic problems. These include muscle weakness, severe foot deformity, spasticity, ankle instability, mild knee instability, knee weakness, fractures, deformity, or unloading the heel.


  • Carbon Fiber AFO: A very light weight device that can be used to treat footdrop or assist with energy return in running.
  • Custom Plastic AFO: These braces are made from casts. They are made from a selection of different plastics, foam pads, trimlines, and thicknesses.
  • Double upright AFO: This design is used when control is needed around the ankle for concerns with skin and swelling issues around the ankle or foot.
  • Patella Tendon Bearing Orthosis (PTB): Used when partial unloading is needed at the hindfoot or heel.