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Trauma & Problem Fracture

Trauma & Problem Fracture

Patient Profile One

Michael MacHarg, Polytrauma
Put simply, the docs at UCSF/OTI put me back together. Beautifully. Back in 2006 I took an ill-advised fall from a third story window. The landing broke 32 bones – including shattered elbows, back, neck, ankle and pelvis. The docs at OTI worked miracles to reconstruct my arms, realign my pelvis, and ensure that the neck/back injuries were stabilized. It is due to their remarkable work (might I say craftsmanship?) that I suffered no long term disability from the fall – in fact, my tennis game has improved and I’m even running faster than before (probably more due to motivation than the titanium that reinforces a few body parts). These docs are at the top of their game – empathetic, expert, and enthusiastic about the practice of medicine. I’m forever indebted to their team.


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