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Trauma & Problem Fracture

Trauma & Problem Fracture

Patient Profile Two

Jon Rochmis, Broken Left Arm
Both bones in my left forearm were shattered, the result of a double-compound fracture after a taxi hit me on my bicycle on Market Street. Dr. Miclau was my miracle surgeon. In six hours of surgery, he put my arm back together with two metal plates and 23 screws. The hardware was stainless steel, a thoughtful measure allowing me to skate through security, unlike, say, titanium.

Naturally, I was greatly concerned about the future: Would my arm work? Would it be numb? Would it be disfigured? Dr. Miclau has great bedside manner. He addressed all of my fears calmly and in a straightforward, honest manner. Time would tell, he said. Two years later, here is what time says: My arm works great. I can do just about everything I could before (it’s a little bit weaker, but I gave up Olympian weight-lifting hopes years ago. And to repeat: just a little bit weaker). I have two cool scars to remind me of what could have been disastrous. Fortunately, Dr. Miclau and his team were there for me.


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