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Femoral Neck Fractures ORIF vs. CRIF Study

A Multicenter Retrospective Outcome Assessment of Open Reduction Internal Fixation vs. Closed Reduction Internal Fixation in Treatment of Adults with Femoral Neck Fractures

Principal Investigator: Saam Morshed, MD, PhD

Specific Aims:

The best available evidence on superiority of ORIF versus CRIF in treatment of femoral neck fractures is inconclusive.  Our null hypothesis is that there are no differences in rates of reoperation and of complications between ORIF and CRIF of femoral neck fractures in adults.  Given this hypothesis, we formulate the following specific aims:

Specific Aim 1:  Compare the rate of reoperation following the initial ORIF versus CRIF of displaced femoral neck fractures in adults as the primary outcome.

Specific Aim 2:  Test the association between measured risk factors for reoperation, including surgical approach, and complication requiring surgery after operative management of displaced femoral neck fracture.

Specific Aim 3:  To determine the reliability and validity of radiographic measurements of femoral neck fracture severity and quality of reduction.

Study Documents

Study Protocol PDF DOC
UCSF IRB Approval Letter (05/15/2015) PDF
UCSF IRB Application (05/15/2015) PDF
Telephone Interview Consent (05/04/2015) PDF DOC
Return to Clinic Consent (05/04/2015) PDF DOC

Patient Materials

Recruitment Script (04/13/2015) PDF DOC
Recruitment Letter (04/13/2015) PDF DOC

Case Report Forms

Case Report Form (07/15/2015) PDF
2 year follow-up telephone questionnaires PDF

Electric Data Capture

REDCap Database Link

– Data may be entered into REDCap directly without the use of a paper CRFs. To keep track of patients/subject ID, use a data key
-REDCap will generate a Subject ID when a new record is created
– Redact all patient identifiers (patient name, medical record number, hospital, etc.) from x-rays before uploading into REDCap

Study Contact:

Study Manager:
Tigist Belaye, MPA
(415) 206-4378

Data Manager:
Jonny Kwong, MPH
(415) 206-4492

Research Fellow
Keisuke Ishii, MD