Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Welcome to the UCSF RunSafe Healthy Runners Clinic

RunSafe is a multidisciplinary clinic providing a comprehensive and individualized service to running athletes of all levels. Ideal for novice runners as well as seasoned competitors, RunSafe consists of analysis and counseling from a team of sports medicine specialists including a sports medicine physician, physical therapist, sports dietitian, and professionals certified in orthotics and prosthetics.

Click here to visit The Runsafe Program in the Human Performance Center


Dr. Brian Feeley wins 2014 Kappa Delta Young Investigator Award

Understanding Muscle Atrophy and FI in Massive RCTs Award-winning research may...

Welcome to our Residents: Class of 2019

We would like to introduce our Resident Class of 2019!...

Dr. Kevin Bozic receives Grant to Expand Health Care Innovations

  Two UC San Francisco faculty members have won grants to...
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