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Pediatric Orthopaedics

Hearing from our Patients: Where Would I Be?

He found out that I had a problem in my leg and he made a way to help me out. He made it hurt the least as possible, and even then it hurt a lot, but he did it for me, and he did his job well. The proof is the fact that I can walk, and he was always very nice and straightforward. He didn’t beat around the bush and ask me, “Did that hurt?” because he knew that I’d just had surgery, so any exercise would hurt, so he helped me by helping me into the walker, and making me walk up and down the hall.

He works at UCSF and he is a great man, and he helped many people in many different ways. Many of his patients probably thought, “Where would I be without Mohammad Diab?” The answer is simple, with the symptoms of their problem, hurting them at all times, for me, in a wheelchair, for life. Thank you Mohammad Diab.

Maxime, 10 years old