Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Pediatric Orthopaedics

Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery Checklist

To download this information in pdf format, please click here.

Before your operation

  • Pre-operative visit in clinic is scheduled for: _________________.
    • At this visit you will have the opportunity to ask the surgeon questions about your operation before signing a consent form.
  • PREPARE clinic is scheduled for: ________________.
    • At this visit you will have the opportunity to ask questions related to anæsthesia, medications, general health.
  • No food or drink before the procedure:
    • Under 6 months old – no food/milk 4 hours prior to surgery.
    • Over 6 months old – no food/drink after midnight prior to day of surgery.
  • For spine surgery and hip surgery: the morning of your procedure you should soak for 30 minutes in a tub filled with ½ cup bleach diluted in a full tub of water.  This will decrease risk of operative infection.
  • See your primary doctor for a check-up, or at least make sure he/she knows that you are having surgery.

Day of operation

  • Surgery date is: ___________________.
  • Arrive at the hospital 2 hours before the start time.  Report to Admitting/Registration (M-140).  After registration you will proceed to the Surgical Waiting Room (M-104).

Before you leave hospital

  • Call to schedule your 1st post-operative clinic visit: (415) 353-2967.  This is usually 7-14 days after surgery.
  • Arrange for any special equipment needs for your home (wheel-chair, crutches, car seat/harness, brace, etc)
  • Plan for school (i.e. does your child need a school note?)

After your operation

  • Keep your incision clean and dry, and don’t disturb any dressings.
  • Contact us with questions or concerns.
    • Main line:                      (415) 353-2967
    • Nursing line:                  (415) 353-2913
    • Resident on call:            (415) 443-5621
  • Come in for your post-operative visit 7-10 days after surgery.