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Aaron Sparks MSc, CSCS
Biomechanist & Lab Manager
Aaron Sparks MSc, CSCS


Born & raised in the Portland, Oregon area, Aaron decided to branch out for his undergraduate education, attending Truman State University in Missouri for his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. During his time there he was a part of many research projects focusing on exercise physiology, biomechanics, and movement neuroscience. He also competed as part of the university’s Olympic Weightlifting Team. Aaron returned to Portland to be a ski bum, personal trainer, and fitness professional, before again branching out to earn his Master’s of Science in Sports Biomechanics from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom in 2012. Whilst abroad, Aaron worked with a number of Team GB Olympic athletes, including runners, gymnasts, cricketers, tennis & badminton, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and rugby players, both in research, and in conditioning & injury prevention. After completing his Master’s, Aaron returned to Portland again to fulfill a long-time dream of becoming a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer. His main specialties were injury prevention, return-to-play, and performance enhancement, as well as the collection & analysis of player metrics collected during training sessions & match play to better periodize training sessions. He worked with the team during their most successful season, in which they not only won the Western Conference, but also had fewer soft tissue injuries than any other team in the league—a direct reflection of the success of the Sports Science department. Aaron joined UCSF in 2014 as a biomechanist and the manager of the Human Performance Center.
His current work & interests include:
- Kinematic & kinetic analysis of functional movement tasks in persons with osteoarthritis
- Kinematic & kinetic analysis of sporting movements post-ACL reconstruction
- Gait analysis, injury prevention, and return-to-sport
- Movement neuroscience


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